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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Art, like life, is almost always messy

Today's post is going to be the opposite of a "Martha Moment." You know how her magazine Living captures the everyday as nearly perfect. I do love the magazine and adore pouring over it-BUT I have never been able to replicate a cake, a craft or any of the perfect home layouts...I am a "piler." I have piles of books, knitting, school/work bags, art projects, and fabric ALL over the house. I KNOW I drive my type A military man husband CRAZY with all of my piles. I know it is bad, when I can't even stand the piles any longer.
I am at the point right now...the piles are out of control and I am going to have to just set a day aside and organize. Ugh it is not very fun-BUT I do know that when I have gotten my piles down to single layers I will be able to more clearly create my art!

My dear friends got together and created this doll for me. She is absolutely PERFECT and sits in our Living room..


Often times after my young nieces have played with Lucy, I find her like this. Most often when I find her in this state it reminds me how living life is messy and most often exhausting.
My husband Billy really is the only one in our home who could be in a Martha magazine-his closet is pretty much the same all of the time. He can not understand why anyone doesn't just put things in their place after the item has been used?!
Oh yeah that is my closet....AHHHHHHHHHH and I did not change anything for the photo!
Don't you hate it when there are dirty dishes in the sink and you are on your second or third glass of wine?! I at least have to get the coffee ready for the morning...
 This is what NOT to do-studio space and material storage should ALWAYS be organized and clearly marked!
Thankfully, we have a wonderful fireplace which I can escape to and forget about trying to organize all of my piles.
Here's to Martha. And all of the women who have led the art/craft movement in recent years!


  1. Loved the post regarding the piles.........

  2. Can type A military man come over and organize a few closets?

  3. HUM- maybe I should rent him out and start a start-up fund for "The Creativity Shop!"