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Monday, June 30, 2014

Week long celebration

As you know Eileen and I have been friends for a VERY long time. In our 40th birthday year we spent a long weekend in NYC together visiting galleries, museums, Broadway shows, shopping and of course eating and drinking...This year we could not decide what trip to take together; go back to NYC, do a road trip, go somewhere neither of us had been to...THEN Eileen's brilliant husband suggested renting a house that we could invite friends to share with us.

So back in February in the dead of winter Eileen and I trolled the internet for a vacation house to rent. I thought it would be an easy task, BUT it took WAY more time than I expected. We decided on a house which was under 2 hours away in Michigan. We were hoping for a week in August (which is right between our birth dates) but the only availability was mid June. The weather wasn't great BUT the company was FANTASTIC! We invited 20 different mutual friends and they just rotated through the house for 2 nights each. Lots of laughter, some tears (mostly on my part-HUM) great food-each friend brought part of a meal and TOO MUCH wine- I am detoxing now!

It was a great kick-off to the birthday summer...

The cottage and many cars...

Activities, making terrariums...


Making sand masks


Sand castle by Eileen and Barb

Amazing paella by Carol and Judy.  Still thinking about it.

Beach fun

Some of our friends.  Wish we had a picture with everyone, drats.

Here is to celebrating good times and cherishing good friends.

Thanks for coming!

Eileen and Lucy

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Grey Day

In contrast to Eileen's amazing Napa Valley pictures, my pictures today were from an early morning bike ride which threatened rain. Although grey reads dark and gloomy most days-I find a rainy day almost refreshing. Gives you permission to be lazy and unproductive-right?!

 The Movement of the clouds right before a storm always amazes me. It is like a stop motion camera in quick time.
Color is more defined on a grey day. I am sure scientifically is it NOT-BUT to me it is....
Summer is here. Time to slow down, relax and recharge- grey day or not!
Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Yountville, CA

I just spent 16 days in California.  The longest I have been away from home ever.  I was helping my son recover from a surgery and helping him set up his new apartment.  The scenery on my morning walks was breath taking. Here are a few things that caught my eye of this charming town located in the heart of Napa wine country.

The quintessential Napa shot

The goats that live at the French Laundry gardens.  A early morning snuggle.

What a charming gas station.  They also sell the most amazing homemade granola.

A dream house...

I created this zen spot in Ted's yard

Team Ted

Here's to a healthy and safe summer!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Biking adventure; bikes, books, and art

Chicago during the summer is the place to be! Every weekend has a plethora of interesting neighborhood festivals to enjoy...Yesterday, Billy and I met our longtime biking friends Amy and Dave for a biking city adventure. We hit 2 different events, biked along the Lake Front, explored new neighborhoods, Geocached, and found art along the way.
 We started out at the Chicago Tribune's Annual "Lit Fest." Many, many tents set-up in the Printer's Row/South Loop neighborhood. You can browse books and pop into different tents to meet and speak to authors. There were scheduled talks and workshops you could also attend. ALL FREE!
The highlight, at this our first stop of the day, was a talk given by Tribune columnists Mary Schmich and Eric Zorn. She spoke about her career as a journalist and read from her book of columns. She had many words of wisdom. Two ideas in particular struck me; 1) She spoke of an editor whom she described as politically incorrect, sexist and many other attributes which would not be accepted in the workplace today-BUT that he was a manager of people. He could tease out what each individual excelled at and positioned his people to work with their strengths. This notion seems to be lost in my world today! 2) She also spoke to the practice of cursive writing. My take-away; Cursive writing is a wonderful, calming practice which allows writers to be thoughtful. SINCE we no longer teach cursive in schools, I fear another practice of CALM will be lost to this next generation of our technology driven world!
We biked south along Lake Michigan to the Hyde Park neighborhood and the 57th Street Art Fair.

 I made our party stop a number of times along the way for public art...
                                                                        Art Fair
                                                                        and a silly pet picture!
On every adventure we take with Amy and Dave "Geocaching" happens. It is a movement which Amy has embraced with of her many interests.


 We ended up stopping at 2 different historical taverns. For drinks and a lovely rest to our biking adventure.
                                                                 Here is to friends and adventures-

Monday, June 2, 2014 project

As I have lamented I have quit ceramics because of asthma issues but I was able to finish my last few pieces.I have always been drawn to the sculpture aspect of ceramics and not the practical application.  I do admit it would have been nice if I had made to at least one mug.

Facial features studies.  I have some extra noses, does anyone need one?

The one o the right is new.  A little barnacle tile.

Here is my bird sculpture.  I entitled it "Begin Again" after my creativity class.  I used clay and old house parts.  The base is from a column from an old front porch.

John Michael Rich from the Art Institute commented that he liked the mirror effect to represent the past and the future. 

Here are the close ups

Feels good to finish projects.