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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Creations...

Once a year our AW (artist's way) group does an art exchange.  We pick a name out of a hat and make a piece for that person.  The evening is always so enjoyable but the anxiety about what to create can be quite daunting. We are such an accepting and encouraging group so I don't know why this causes me (and others) angst.  Maybe it is because we have grown to care about each other so much and want to create something unique and special.  I am always so amazed about the variety of the work.

Take a look...

We started out the evening at Judy's lovely home.  She treated us to yummy cheese, delicious wine and a lovely dinner.  I really don't know how she makes everything seem so effortless.  This cauliflower soup was just amazing. Beautiful isn't it?

Lucy received this beautiful journal from Michelle. She used several multi-media techniques including maps, papers, cards and collage put together in such a unique way. This will chronicle her adventures as grandma LuLu.  We all teared up.

Michelle received this cool linoleum printing piece from Lucy.  Lucy always pushes herself to try something new.  It turned out fabulous! We will have to wait for the creativity shop to open so we can learn how to do it.  Love the colors!

Our Laura has a gift for 3D structures.  She makes these charming art collage miniatures.  An armature of foam core and layered with texture and a rice paper roof.  Dang cool girl.  Carol loved it.

And then Carol received her bonus gift of hand dyed napkins from Laura also.  She made them with dyes and ice and let them dry over her bushes during the summer. Amazing.  What a lucky lady Carol is.

Carol then reciprocated with this.  It is a unique 2D sculpture made from a vintage book.  It is folded, stitched and crumpled into this cool, unique piece.  One of a kind.  I am so smitten. Way to go Carol. A perfect marriage of her love for all things written and her creative spirit.  

(Nice work on the selfie Laura.  It must have been hard to hold that piece and take that picture.  Thanks for contributing to the blog)

I was the lucky recipient of this paper mache bird on a vintage mattress spring. Janis really knows me and she did not even read my recent post with the bird images.  I really appreciated how she tied so many things I love into one piece. Look at that charming necklace.  It is sitting on my desk as we speak.  Thank you Janis! I just love it.

Janis received these delightful paintings from Judy.  They were inspired by the Cornwall village that Doc Martin is filmed in.  She painted on vintage board with acrylics.  I think it captures the spirit of Port Wenn perfectly.  They will be perfect in Janis home.  Lovely.

If any of you read my last entry you saw my percolating stage of this piece. A vintage chair and painting re-imagined into something more modern.  It is 95% finished.  Just have to figure out how to reattach the base.  Taking apart vintage chairs and putting them back together with modern parts does prove to be more challenging than I anticipated.  It fits well in Judy's house, I think she liked it.

What a wonderful evening celebrating another year of friendship and creativity.  I am forever grateful having these women in my life.  Love you all.


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  1. Everything was even more amazing in person! Well done!

    PS I think I was challenged by the selfie shot. That would explain my look of concentration!