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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finding Art is closer than you think

In the Artist Way book Julia Cameron stresses the importance of an "artist date".  You should take time to stop by a gallery, museum, see a live performance or visit some type of creative venue every week.  This will help fuel the creative fire and expose you to things.  Every week is hard to do right?  Even once a month can be tough when you are busy with what ever it is that keeps us busy.  At first I would try to go into the city and see as much as I can but that was not realistic for me.  I try to look in the places I go to everyday and search for the unexpected hand made piece of art.

Today I was at my local library and I decided to have an "artist date".  It was amazing the array of art they had on display.  Here are a few that caught my eye.

Local Art Leagues feature artists every month. They hang it right next to the stairs.  If you don't look up you will miss it.  Love the way the colors blend in this.

Lovely. Tells a story.

This was done by a local 7th grader. Very catching.

Love this Amelia Earhart found in youth services.  I wanted to take it home.

I admit I am a Harry Potter geek.  This is J,K Rowling.  Adorable

Love the use of the light bulb for the popes head. Kids are so creative.

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