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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The ART of letting go...

Transitions have ALWAYS been difficult for me. Change for most people is a challenge. I like to think that as I have grown older I have also learned a bit along the way and can deal with change and transition with more grace. I don't know that that last statement is true-I am still an emotional mess when faced with major change. BUT I have learned that I have to cope with change and most times I have found that my best defense is to create!

I believe that all humans are meant to create. Everyone's creative outlet maybe different; cooking, gardening, painting, sewing, knitting, dancing, singing, even organizing are different forms of creating. Once you find a creative outlet most humans get sucked in and it becomes a passion-and even a healing process to combat change and transition.

As I have stated before, all 3 of our children are grown and off on their own adventures. I am not responsible anymore for their day to day lives. Being "James, Virginia, and George's Mom" shaped my days for a LONG time (26 years.) Just the other day a neighbor who is in the thick of running kids around to sporting events, school activities...asked how it felt NOT to have to do that any longer-in some ways it is liberating-sometimes it feels sort of sad. It is a transition. Which I will embrace and struggle through...

The art displayed in our kitchen is a mix of our children's art, which they created during elementary school, and pieces created by professional artists.
George created this gnome on one of our art adventures just this past year. Our children humor me - I am not sure they would take art adventures on their own!

 Our Christmas gifts from James this year were these 2 portraits of myself and Billy. I LOVE that he is CREATING! While he was in high school I convinced him to take drawing classes at the Art Institute - I was hoping he would look into a creative career. After that class he decided he would not like to focus on art as a least he has it as an outlet!
Coming (in some form) Summer 2015!
Virginia created this shoebox mock up of my dream...I am thinking maybe this is my new "baby?!"
Here is to creating-

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