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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Cards-one of my favorite projects-

This coming Friday is Valentine's Day. I think it is truly my favorite holiday of the year. Not because I am terribly romantic-my husband is WAY more romantic than me- but that there are no expectations of food, gift giving or social obligations one must conform to.

I have been making individual valentine's cards for my family for years. This year I wanted to come up with a unique card to give to my students. Since I have 42 students this year, I could not do super detailed cards like I do for my family, but I wanted something unique. Here is what I came up with:

 I started out with water color paper and different colors of ink spray.

 I placed stencils on top of the papers and just started spraying. I repeated on both sides of the paper-I REALLY like color and I am not that fond of white!

 After the fronts and backs of each paper were sprayed once, I placed plastic webbing (from the wine bottles I got from Binny's) and OVER SPRAYED all the papers again.

The final step was to cut out hearts and write a note on each card.

The project was not difficult, but it did take time. I do like the multi-color unique paper I created for the valentines. I am not sure that my 3rd graders will appreciate these. BUT I had such fun making all of them.
I often go to school with ink or paint under my nails and crazy color skin. My students will not be surprised that they are getting hand-made instead of store bought!
                                                         Happy HEARTS Day!


  1. I bet the students love you made them yourself- its so much more heart felt. :)

    1. We shall see....Valentine's for 8 year olds seems to be over shadowed by CANDY...