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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Playing with clay...

Living in the Chicago area is wonderful, except for January and February.  I usually don't complain but honestly, it has been a tough winter.  My little respite from the cold has been a ceramics art studio called Clay Space.  I am taking a ceramic sculpture class taught by John Pacheco. I have only taken a few classes before and I am a beginner.  We receive a lot of one on one attention and John is a very patient teacher.  I should have started in the beginner class but I have to admit I am glad I didn't.  John does not seem bothered that Fanny and I ask MANY questions and that we give him a hard time. The resident artists are friendly and always offering donuts (and advise).  A nice place to warm your soul on a frigid Chicago day.

Here is John, showing his eyes and ear sample he did for us (and hiding from the camera...)

Check out his ETSY shop.  He is one talented guy.

Here are a few of my pieces waiting for bisque firing...REMEMBER I AM A BEGINNER...

A little cottage. You will be seeing more of these.  I love small houses.

Eyes are difficult but John insisted we learn.  Could not decide if this is what I would look like stoned or  how I look in the morning.  Imagine I am sleeping on a pillow.

Noses are difficult.  Really hard for me. I don't normally notice people's nostril's or their bridge but I have a feeling I may be staring soon.  Did you know the indentation under your nose is called the philtrum? Just a little place to hold your finger while you are thinking.

Ears.  Dang.  Looks so much easier than it is. Remember I am only a beginner. It is lopsided, sorry I can't turn it around.  

A highlight of my class.  Fanny.  She is "coming out" as an artist and is very talented and sweet.  She even said I looked cute in the photo booth  picture from the 80's from my previous post.  What a kind woman.

Stay Warm and get messy!


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  1. You did look cute in the photo booth shots, kind of a darker Lucille Ball thing going on.