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Friday, January 24, 2014

Friends fuel the fire

Getting away to Milwaukee last weekend reminded me how important friends are.  My friends inspire me. They tickle my funny bone, they push me to think differently and they are unconditionally supportive.  I have to admit I am very fortunate.  I have interesting and interested friends.  It took a while to find "my people" and boy, am I ever thankful I did.  Having a good friend is a precious gift and as we get older I find I need them even more.

Here are a few who warm my heart.  More posts to include family and children later....if i get them to sign the consent....

Joan, my old college roommate and keeper of many secrets.  Love her.

Posting this to make you laugh.  Yes, this was us in the 80's and yes, that was my hair and eye balls. I think all of the teasing and aqua net I used in the 80's is a factor on my current thinning hair and squinty eyes.  This photo also includes the Suester, another good soul and life long friend.  Will be seeing her in Greek town in March to celebrate her 50th.  Oppa!!!

Christina, fellow "Smother" and my barometer on teenagedom.

My artists way sisters. Aren't they adorable?

Tricia, our  relocated AW sister.  Love how she swings into town without any warning.  So fun. This also includes my good friend and talented artist Laura.

Barbara and Lisa.  Blonde babes. Barb is so fun to travel with and is such a sweet heart.  She acts like a big sister to me.  Lisa always listens, really listens.  We have shared much on the Prarie Path together.

Lucy is my lifelong friend, the catalyst for much of my creativity.  I am so happy she married Billy.  He is truly a good man (and a lot of fun).  The other handsome bloke is my BFF and hubbie, Damien.

Hope you get to spend some time with friends this weekend. 

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