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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Art inspiration sites I love

It is another cold day in Chicago.   I have officially unsubscribed myself to all of those websites having blowout sales.  I may miss a bargain or two but I have weaned myself off the imaginary shopping cart.  Most of the time I never pull the trigger and actually purchase but I can sure waste a lot of time looking. If I need a little pick me up it would be much better served by looking at some of my favorite websites for a little bit of distraction, beauty and inspiration,

This site is run by artist Danielle Krysa.  She features contemporary art and will expose you to new artists and trends.  An easy pick me up to any day.  She posts daily. This is her new book.  Can't wait to get it.

I love the title of this next site.  Features art at reasonable prices.

This is my favorite piece on the site right now.  It is by Emma Louthan and is titled "Innertube"  I can relate to the inner tube reference as my growing perimenopausal padding around my waist looks just like an inner tube.

This next site is big so beware, you can lose some time but it is worth it.

This is a daily website with home sneak peeks, products, before and after and my favorite DIY.  They also have city guides for art, shopping and design highlights for many US cities.  Run by Grace Bonney and her staff.  They have ventured into books and newspapers.  Here are a couple of things I made from their DIY projects

French knot ombre needlepoint.

Paper Clay barnacles.  Fun and Easy.

Lastly check out a permanent home for spontaneous art and start doodling.

Let us know any of your favorite sites.


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