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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Begin Again..."

I must admit I love the fresh snow and beginnings of January.  Time to reflect and adjust thyself.  I try never to make resolutions but our takeaway project at the end of my Creative Encounter class was to "begin again".  Rather serendipitous with the start of a new year.  Below is the definition from John Michael Rich, our instructor. 

"To begin again is somewhat of an impossible task, right? We never actually start over because we are always accumulating experiences (compare with Rollo May). And our environment likewise is constantly changing. As the philosopher Heraclitus said, we can't step into the same river twice, meaning that each moment the river rushes by us, it is a new river, not the exact river as before.

So to begin again is to enact a certain kind of awareness. Every beginning is in the middle of some other process. Beginnings are middles. (And ends are middles, too.)

Invent a game with three simple rules that would help you operate at the level of consciousness you would like to reach."

So here are my rules ( I did 5)  to keep begin again, move forward and ACT (my power word) in 2014.

1). Take a class.  I just signed up for a ceramics sculpture class.  I am sure I will be posting about that.

2).  Be mindful of the food (and drink) I put in my body

3). Meditate and practice "kind thoughts, kind words and a kind heart" everyday.  Thank you Judy.

4). Volunteer more.  I just found the Chicago Artist Resource site.  I saw some interesting volunteer opportunities I will explore.  

5), Exercise my body and mind.  I have committed to this with fellow blogger Lucy and Christina. 

Here we are.  All smiles after our first workout of 2014.

Our personal trainer and former Army man, Billy.  Also the darling husband of Lucy.  He is training us for 10 weeks and we are paying him with a delicious dinner and wine. A great deal for us.

About to enjoy a soothing bath with the thoughtful personal care items given by my beautiful sisters Peg and Jeanne.  Baths are wonderful.  A perfect spot to meditate and focus on my kind thoughts and gratitude. 

I hope you can find some time to "begin again..."


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