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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ceramics...phase 1

Session number one of Ceramics sculpture is complete.  It was a wonderful experience.  I really enjoy playing with clay.  Unfortunately, the air quality at the ceramics studio does not agree with my asthma.  To continue I would have to wear a face mask similar to those avoiding the bird flu in Tokyo. Do I do that?  The next session starts on Thursday, I have 4 days to decide.

I have to admit I am more about the end product than the process.  I really like when things come out just the way I want.  Ceramics has so many factors to consider.  The piece can break in the kiln, the glaze does not work out as you expected or crackle...So many things can happen. This is a prime example of what I don't want to EVER happen again.

It is a planter and the first thing I made.  I am really going to have to buy a funky plant...

This is a test tile to practice eyes and glazes.  I posted a picture of the before and this is the after. Sorry it is upside down.  I have tried to fix it to no avail.

Little gnome houses inspired by Mrs Holladys house 

An Irish cottage inspired by our Ireland visits. .

A wall hanging.  I am doing a series of three for my kitchen.

I have more to pieces being fired this week.  Hope they make it out okay.  It is so fun to go to the studio and see what is on your shelf.  The question is do I sign up for the next session or not????

Have a good week all and thanks for reading.  


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