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Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Privileged Problem

As my fifty-first year continues to bless me with all sorts of people, new adventures and interesting situations I am humbled at moments to be reminded that I am part of a small percent of humans who have VERY privileged problems. I don't work hard to "someday get a bed"-as one of our daughter Virginia's 5th graders in Humboldt Park told her this past week. I don't EVER worry about having enough food- another student hid her "free and reduced" breakfast in her back pack so she could have something to eat at home. I don't worry about being safe in my neighborhood. I walk freely at all hours of the day and night...the list of discrepancies between the "have and have nots" continues to grow wider each day. I am not sure that my current obsession and worry about creating HeART*Felt could or ever would address these problems.
BUT I do believe that we all have a role in the world. And that we need to follow and act on our passions...Me trying to build a "SPACE" for individuals to "CREATE" is what I am exploring. I am hoping it will inspire and create good karma for my community. As I move along this journey of building a successful business I am also building an altruistic component of the business. I have always said that a percentage of HeART*Felt would be given to charity. Building it into the business plan is something which I am working on....Remembering that my HeART*Felt adventure is a privilege is an important reminder for me.
          Yesterday HeART*Felt had its first Trunk Show to kick-off the fall classes and introduce the space where the classes will be held: String Theory Yarn Company in Glen Ellyn, IL.
All of HeART*Felt's classes will be held on either Friday or Sunday evenings from 7-9:30. We will be creating with paper, paint and or fabric - surrounded by amazing color and yarn!
My ever supportive friends and family helped me set-up the class sample wall and visited the trunk show!
You can now sign-up for classes on line: 


More importantly, PLEASE remember to look carefully around you and be aware of the beauty....

                                                  Have a wonderful week....Lucy

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