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Sunday, October 26, 2014



I have always struggled with transitions. Of course they are a part of life. Nothing is ever stagnate. Life is always changing. That is really the purpose of life to grow and change and grow and change...BUT sometimes that is just exhausting.

I am finding it challenging to be in the life transition I find myself in now; our children are grown-that MAJOR responsibility has dramatically shifted to just being a support sometimes-not an everyday support, I have had to grieve the passing of friend's lives-that is a life shift that I was not expecting until later, my middle aged body is changing, and my work/career does not fulfill me like it once did-a mid-life crisis? Maybe. But also a world of transition which I need to accept.

 I have been doing yoga for over 20 years and have found great comfort in the practice. It feeds my soul and body and I always hope it will calm my "racing mind." Many of my yoga teachers will finish a class and say something like, "Take the calm you feel now, off the mat and into the world." I love that sentiment, but really have a hard time living it. I get so caught-up in my own little world that I forget to breath and enjoy just being....

The one constant focus that I want to promote with HeART-Felt is that "the process is more important than the product." That spending time in creating is the real benefit of taking a class-not what you produce. It is my version of yoga-art. Not sure where it is going, I am trying to remain "calm and present" in the face of my ever changing world...

 Fall shadows are starting to remind me that winter and hibernation are right around the corner.

Transition like art are messy. But our of the mess comes creative expression.

                                                      Art Dolls created in Friday evening's class.

                                                              Last bit of fall color.

Our Son James back from deployment transitioning to hands-on-fatherhood! I am so happy for him and his family!
Tonight's class "Watercolor Postcards"
and next Sunday night's class "stitched collage" push the envelope of transitioning the blank paper.

Sign-up for a class .... take a chance on the process
Follow the road of transition.
Have a wonderful week!


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