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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Finding Beauty vs Mediating Conflict

Friday at our staff meeting one of my colleagues led our staff through a professional development exercise. She placed 2 statements at opposite ends of the room. The directions were to line-up and create a continuum as to how you felt about how each statement would answer: which statement do you believe makes our world a better place? She introduced statement number one:
                                 "Finding beauty through art"

And without even finding out what statement number 2 was- I immediately jumped up and said, "YES. I am making a stand-follow me people!" And stomped over to be first in line to lead for beauty/ART.

The second statement of course is just as important:

                                  "Mediating conflict peacefully"

The idea behind the exercise is to get people respectfully talking about ideas which they may not necessarily agree with. We unfortunately, only had about 10 minutes to complete the process ... and the gal I was paired up with had to go do door no real discussion way able to occur.

My belief is that without seeing the beauty in the world we CAN'T begin to be peaceful. That when 2 opposing groups can come together to admire, experience, talk about the beauty in our world-meaningful dialog can occur concerning our differences. I believe the creative process can help us ALL become more peaceful. That creative process is different for everyone. Some people cook, garden, paint, dance, play music, act, draw, sew...whatever the "doing" is it is part of the creative process. It is ALL beautiful...

Our daughter Virginia and her girlfriend Zoe show-0ff the peace bracelets which were created by my friend Kristin's almost 90 year old mother.
                                                         At this time of year nature creates AMAZING beauty...

                  An open road speaks to me of the quiet solitude which in itself is beautiful.
Walking with a friend and coming across a "little free library" is beauty.


 My husband in his Octoberfest Ladderhosen?! International beauty...
An amazing "quilted/painted" canvas from the art show, "Crossing the Line" at the Degenerate Art Gallery in Chicago. (just opened last night running through December- I think)
The artist painted individual canvases, cut them a part and sewed them back together....How amazing is that?!

My friend Kathryn Trumbull Firmreite's, who curated the show, boat.
 Created with picture frame parts and old negatives.
                                              Fall flowers and amazing leaves
AND a wonderfully creative Daughter-in-law who creates lasting memories

Makes me HEART sing....

                                 Go find some beauty...or at the very least mediate some conflict!


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