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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Always looking for inspiration

Last evening I had a wonderful chat with my daughter's girlfriend Zoe. Zoe is an amazing artist who is currently finishing-up a fashion design degree in Madison and plans to go to NYC next year. She took a couple of years off to help a friend launch a clay studio. Lucky for HeART*Felt, I have an expert in opening and sustaining a creative business! Zoe is always a wealth of information AND now I have added her on my "wise sage" list.

I was bemoaning the fact that I have worked hard to make the website work, figured out how people can register and pay on line, I have a display of classes at the yarn store, have started to figure out social media....BUT only Eileen has actually signed-up for a class! Zoe talked me through her experiences with classes and we brain stormed some possible solutions for getting the word out-and then she said 2 things which struck me:

1) It was her opinion that the reason classes worked for the clay studio was because they had a space. WHICH has always been my focus. Classes are just a part of my vision for HeART*Felt. The classes at String Theory are just a stepping stone. The HeART*Felt space is really the goal.
2) BUT Zoe's words of wisdom which made me stop and think were, "Really everything that you are doing is good. You are putting ART out into the world and that is always positive." That was an Hallelujah moment for me! (whenever a student says something interesting or unique in my 3rd grade classroom I sing "Hallelujah" in falsetto.)

So thank you Zoe for the words of wisdom and inspiration to keep plugging along!
I took a walk this week in the woods - nature is always a calming influence on  my life.
Martha. People seem to love her or hate in-between. I have always been inspired by what she has created.
 I asked a customer at the yarn shop if I could copy the sweater she created. I started designing this week with these colors:
Here are my notes and the yarn I will use to create my own sweater. 
I finished 2 projects this week:
1) a quilt for our son George's girlfriend and 
Prayer flags...hanging outside our kitchen window.
I created a recipe for "Monster Cookies" almost 30 years ago with my college friend Trish. We ditched class senior year of college and spent the afternoon creating these. They have been a staple of comfort in my world ever since!

Have an inspiring week. Be open to new and exciting thoughts through your eyes and ears...

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