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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Both of my parents are psychologists. So I am sure throughout my "growing-up" life they had many conversations about my "wacky ideas." I have always had one thing or another which I had been working on which would lead me to something else...Some people call it creativity, some people think it is interesting, others may think it is just plan "weird." BUT I have lived my very privileged life exploring my many "wacky ideas!" (I have been blessed to be born into a family and economic circumstances where I  never felt hunger, I got a college education and instilled in me a pretty strong moral compas-thanks Mom and Dad!)

So my obsession of the past 8 years has been "my shop." It started out as, "The Creativity Shop" and has morphed into "HeART*Felt." It has been in my head for a long time and for the past 3 years I have been dabbling in portions of my idea. In the past 9 months I have created 2 different business plans which are about 85% complete. This fall I am taking a step by renting space at my local yarn shop to hold my classes 3 times a month (one paper, one paint, one fabric.) I have created a web site - with the help of a very talented tech guy- and am ALMOST ready to accept payment and registration on line!

I am not sure where this obsession will lead me....I am hoping "my shop" makes it from my head to an actual spot. BUT I am reminding myself to, ENJOY all of the steps and remain, "Calm and Patient," and be open to possibilities!

 Food ALWAYS seems to be an obsession:

This is a wonderful book which I found. Gorgeous pictures and the recipes are very simple and delicious! My friend Michelle hosted friends and made a number of the recipes...

My Men are obsessed with sporting events:

                           Here they are getting ready for a platform tennis tournament.
I asked them to smile...."We did, while you were taking our backs!"
Books and Yoga have been a life long obsession! These were used in a workshop I taught with my yoga teacher friend Reeny.
Reeny led the yoga class on the first 3 chakras, AND
                                                                        I led the art.
                                                                   Looks like I am on my way....doesn't it?!

                                                      Have a wonderful obsessed filled week!

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