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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Time to "LEAP"...

Lucy and I have many discussions on our LONG bike riding adventures.  It was only a mere 14 month's ago when I blurted, "Let's start a blog for our 50th year".  I would have never imagined that we would have wrote 87 posts and had followers from far away as Germany,Turkey and France. Amazing to me.

This blog experience has been a positive one.  As a person who does not even have a face book page it was outside my comfort zone to share as much as I did.  I found I really did like the reflective nature and creative writing of blogging.  It kept me on track with my creative process. I must now find something else to keep me going, perhaps a class or 2 at Heart*Felt???

Lucy will be taking over the blog full time as she continues to leap toward her dream of creating a space to create for all called Heart*Felt.  I may jump on as a "guest blogger" every so often if she will have me.

Thank you for reading and all of your support.  Keep creating, valuing friendship and seeing the Art in the everyday!

I will leave you with the latest chair project.  I made this for Lucy for her birthday.

Before: Ornate French Notre Dame scene I found in the basement of a antique store in Brookfield.  Loved the amount of canvas and the price point.

The chair:  Found at an antiques store in LaGrange.  

After:  I tried not to let it look like a Parisian scene but it was not easy.

After I dropped it off I realized the last thing Lucy needed was a chair.  I may be doing an alternative project and bringing this to my house. I will have to start thinking about that... It is always comforting to know that she treasures everything that has been given to her.  She has true appreciation for all creative pursuits. Let's hope that many would like to take that leap with her at Heart*Felt. 

 I for one cannot wait.


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