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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Eileen's fabulous art exhibit

This past Friday evening I gladly attended Eileen's art opening at The Clay Space in Lisle, IL. It is a wonderful ceramic artists' co-op which has a lovely gallery, a large working studio and everything you could need to create using clay. The experience was 2 fold for me: First and foremost my friend and her fellow ceramists fabulous art and second, an example of what my venture, HeART*Felt, could be.

HeART*Felt is NOT going to be clay focused. Rather a "Space to Create." with its focus mediums being paper, paint and fabric.  But the idea of resident artists and students working along side each other is an intriguing one. One of my missions with HeART*Felt is to promote the idea that all humans are built to create. Finding opportunities to create with "our hands' in our technology driven world seems to be a slowly growing movement. The Clay Space has built on this idea and is a wonderful working example of success! Take a look at the art:
Beautiful wood floors and white stands ALWAYS make for a wonderful  display.
Some interesting pieces from a woman I knew as a contemporary quilt maker. She moved to clay just 2 years ago. It was so fun to see her Friday night.

                                              Eileen's teacher John created 50 different pigs!
Eileen's fairy house has so much to it!

                                           Such a wonderful display for her ceramic pieces!

                                               Our friend Laura joined us for the evening.
I love the whimsical nature of these cows....
So lucky to have an Eileen original on my plant bench at home!
It was a wonderful evening and so inspiring....
Have a great week-

Here is my work in progress:


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