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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

50 years of hair phases.....

Last week I turned 50! It has taken me quite awhile to get over the celebrations.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. My son even surprised me with a visit. I  am one lucky lady.

On my birthday I decided to go up to the attic to look through pictures.  No, I don't have cute albums just boxes.  The scrap booking phase never hit me, but looking through these pictures proved many other phases most certainly did...

A common theme running through the pictures is my hair.  I am not ashamed of all my hair phases. It may be embarrassing at times but it reminds me of who I was at that moment.  They point to a time when I was experimenting with who I was and influenced by trends.

It all started out so innocently

Then the addition of barretts (and knee socks)

The 70's short cut.  This cut forced my Mother to get my ears pierced so it would prevent comments such as "Young man you are too old to use the ladies room". ( true story). My sister MaryKay looks so cool sitting on our stylish sofa.

Then high school hit and I got the fuzzy hair texture.  Puberty?  Who knows,
Really, Saks Fifth Avenue allowed champagne consumption of its underage employees?  Boy, have times changed.

The 80's and my aqua net addition. Tina Turner would be so proud. I have obviously moved out of my Laura Ashley phase as well.  Hello shoulder pads!

Late 80's perm and Lucy short hair. Love the lavender bridesmaid dress. 

The early 90's.  Did they have a 2 for 1 special on the bowl cut at Cost Cutters?

The straight hair 90's cut next to my Daniel Craig.

2000's and no bangs, People kept asking me what was wrong all the time so I cut bangs. I did not look worried anymore! The cheap non botox solution.

Last year

Things have changed.  I am not thinking about trends but what hair style looks best to mask the 20 pounds I have gained since my wedding.   I have changed hairdressers several times in the past few years, tried new shampoos and tropical treatments but it does not seem to make a difference.  My hair is thinning, getting flat and graying.  I was wondering if all the damage I did in the 80's with teasing is to blame but my exhaustive internet searches point to MENOPAUSE.  Can any of you relate?

                                                                    Have a good week!


PS, I forgot the "art" part of the blog.  Here is some contemporary art called "the shelter" that was on display in Cleveland recently by artist Grainne Bird. It is made entirely of human hair.  Don't worry, the hair was donated by salons and citizens of Cleveland.  INTERESTING!

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