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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The post card project...

At my Creativity Studies at the School of the Art Institute we were to make a list of 25 things we were curious about.  Then we were asked to create a "game " based on one of these subjects..  It is easy to come up with ten curiosities but 25 was a stretch. It really made you think beyond what comes up on a surface level and what bothers you deep down.  For me, the one that stuck with me was "lost memories".

As I am getting older it really bothers me that I do not remember all the adorable things my children said and did.  As they are getting older I am mourning the loss of their youth.  It is bittersweet.  I am so happy for the experiences, opportunities and love that life has to offer them but I miss being the one who supplied that love and everyday experiences. I cherish my Sunday calls but I wish it was so much more.

I also lost both of my parents within the past 3 years.  I am trying to keep those memories alive but wish that it was easier.  I want to remember more of the everyday memories, the ones that helped form my development but they are fading.  The ones that come easily to mind are supported by a photograph or a story told over and over again. I wish that I could remember everyday of my precious life because I truly appreciate how precious it is.

For my "game" I chose to make a post card each day for 14 days based on the visual memory of the day. Sounds easy but with my limited artistic ability proved to quite a challenge.

Here are a few:

To remember a day shared with a friend who is trying to stay on the right path.

The warmth my heart feels when my kids come home

To remember a meal shared with a friend whose son will not be coming home again. 

In honor of Lucy who pushes me outside my comfort zone

All I could remember from this day was how tired I was and could not wait to sit down to rest.

 Next entry will be about who I sent these cards to and why.

Have a good week.


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