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Friday, November 8, 2013

Art at the beach...

When in California we spent a day in Jenner.  A beautiful to little town where the Russian River and the Pacific ocean meet.  We enjoyed a yummy cup of fair trade coffee and strolled the beach.  We were fortunate to see a large group of seals playing in the water.  It was very special to see them in their natural habitat.  They were just adorable.  Thank you to Mollie and Ted for being such good tour guides.

On the beach we came across these huts/party houses/shelters made from drift wood.  Wish these walls could talk.  I can imagine a lot of laughing and philosophical discussions taking place.  This is what they looked like from the outside.

Some were small and intimate.

This one had a bar area and a small sitting room.

I love how they made a small picket fence around this one and a gate to enter through.  Look at the ceiling.  So charming.

This is the dining room table of another with shells as plates. 

The really cool thing about this was that we did not see any trash.  No beer bottles, no wrappers of any sort. Good stewards of the environment.

Next time I will share some of the engravings found.  Very insightful.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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