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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Is ART an acquired taste?

I have vivid memories of being dragged to the Art Institute of Chicago once a year as a family outing and HATING every moment of it! NOW going to that same museum and wandering is a looked forward to and relished event in my life. Are museums and ART viewing like spinach (at this point in my life something which I love) something kids grow into?
I still can not convince my adult children to join me in going to an art museum...this past weekend our daughter Virginia and I visited our youngest son George at his college-Miami of Ohio. It was his fraternity's Mom's weekend. Quite a lovely affair with many activities planned....BUT Saturday afternoon after the required trip to Walmart and before our dinner engagement-I suggested we bop into the Art museum on campus. I couldn't even bribe them to join me. What I did talk them into was a walk around the sculpture park outside of the museum!
"Only if we can pose as models in the pictures." WHAT?! Really, you can't just smile?
A little bit of a smile on Virginia....
Always fabulous to be with our kids. Throw ART in and it is a perfect day!
Maybe I will be able to influence the grand child more than I was able to convince my own children? CAN'T wait to try....

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