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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

California slacking....

I have to admit I have a bit of a blog slacker. I wish I could say that I have had my head in the clouds day dreaming or in the final touches of my first novel but I have not.  I have been working, taking care of my family and trying to control our new puppy.  It is amazing how the addition  of an adorable little fur ball can disrupt your life. Now that I have explained my absence I can tell you about my trip to Northern CA, the picturesque land of hippies, wine drinkers, foodies and artist's. Talk about a  beautiful place to day dream and reignite your creative juices.

We spent 3 days in Calistoga which is in Napa and 2 days in Sabastopol in Sonoma.  My darling son is a harvest intern at a small winery.  An awesome job for a recent college grad.  Here we are at the winery where he works. We are very proud of him.

While staying in Calistoga we came across the Indian Springs Art gallery.It has some interesting wire and glass sculptures.  It also had a nice selection of figurative abstract painting that I was drawn to.  What really got me in the door was these potted trees with tags hanging from them.  They flapped and glistened in the sun and wind.  Upon closer inspection, each tree had it's own theme and you were encouraged to write your reaction on a tag and hang on the tree.Such a cool way to contribute to a communal art project and reflect on each theme.

What is your first thought to each theme?

                                                              "Past Loves"
This tree had reflections about loved ones who have died and those who got away.

"I want more..."
This one is sagging with wants...

"I want less..."
Not as popular.  Hmmm...

"One thing I am grateful for..."
What would you say?

"I am happiest when..."
Would your answer be different if you were alone or with someone looking over your shoulder?

"My best decision was..."
Interesting.  Many of the tags said "my marriage" and a few said "my divorce".

Till next time, I promise it won't be as long.


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