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Friday, September 6, 2013

Mushrooms are beautiful...

I was at Anthropologie the other day and was struck by the simple mushrooms made from painted tissue paper and attached to a stump. So beautiful, so creative and so natural.  I must try to make my own version of that.

I came home and starting looking in my yard and I had 4 varieties of mushrooms growing in my yard that very same day. I was taken by how different and delicate they were.

This one reminded me of a sunflower. Tall and showy. 

This mushroom is not delicate.  It looks like it has bloody tip and mud dripping down the top.  In the Victorian Language of Flowers Mushrooms mean "suspicion".  They must have used this one as a reference. 

This mushroom looks like a fairy could stand under it to shield herself from the sunlight.  

I love how artist Amy Ross has been inspired by mushroom's. 

Chilean Artist Guillermo Molina makes the most charming mushrooms

Go outside the morning after a rain and see what is popping through your mulch.  Art.


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