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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Art builds community-our Artist Way Journey

Eileen and I have had the privilege of being a part of a group of amazing woman formed 10 years ago to explore, Julia Cameron's book, The Artist Way. We spent the first couple of years meeting once a month to discuss and explore the book's ideas and work through the exercises which are designed to "unblock creativity." Through the years our group has experienced art through reading and discussing different creativity books, guest artists-leading us through the art process, our own group pass around everyday objects-which have turned into art pieces, art challenges we have given each other...and many other fabulous experiences.

Our group started out with 10 women. We are now a strong 7; 2 of the original AW members moved to the east coast and our dear friend Stacie lost a long, courageous battle last year to breast cancer. We wish we could all remain the same group with our 10 original members-but that is not how life works. We miss those who are not with us and celebrate each other when we can get together. Not all of us consider ourselves artists or even creative...BUT we are all open to the creative process and have seen major shifts in our lives because of this-

Our last meeting together we explored a mixed media canvas project led by a guest artist. We also celebrated one of our member's birthdays. We are so lucky to have found each other...

FOOD also seems to play into our time together!
A number of our AW women are AMAZING cooks and really is ART!
The art process, like life, seems to always be MESSY, unpredictable and out of our control-
But the RESULTS though varied and all unique NEVER cease to AMAZE me!

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