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Friday, September 20, 2013

Food as art

Last year I thought it would be fun to try canning. My grandma Hill always made her own ketchup. I have vivid memories of her bottles of homemade ketchup, sealed with wax, lining her pantry walls. We would visit her in Parma, Ohio every summer for 2 weeks. One summer when I was probably about 9, I stayed with her by myself (don't have any idea why) and I remember helping her make her ketchup.
Well last summer I came upon a book, Food in Jars; Preserving in small batches by Marisa McClellan. There is a recipe for Tomato Jam-which when made is almost exactly like my grandmother's ketchup?! Needless to say I have made it both last summer and this summer with the Midwest farmer's market tomatoes-which are only in season a few short weeks each summer. I am convinced that food is ART- when prepared with love and a desire to capture a moment.
Tomatoes from my husband Billy's garden. As well as peppers, onions and tomatoes from the CSA we belong to.
Canning is not a fast process. Nor does it produce a whole bunch of product-BUT it is pretty satisfying hearing the "ting/pop" when the jars are filled and have been processed.
These veggies cook and cook... and cook some more- and make the whole house smell WONDERFUL!
Look at all those jars! I get to enjoy my yummy tomato jam with my family and friends all winter long-and I get to remember and pay homage to my paternal grandmother.

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