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Monday, September 16, 2013

Art in Harbert MI

I was lucky enough to visit one of my favorite galleries in Harbert, MI.  The Judith Racht Gallery specializes in Outsider Art. Outsider Art is a broad term used to describe work by untrained artists, some with disabilities and some just living outside the boundaries of conventional culture.  One of the things I find most exciting about the work is that it is often unknown.  Either an unknown artist or an unknown explanation to the work.  It makes you think, or not.

This did not make me think but it did make me smile.  Love the curly hair and tail.

I love a good primitive piece.  This is beautifully made and I love the use of the red paint.

 This is a memory jar.  These were made in memory of loved ones. Makes me sad to think that it is in an art gallery now but I think it is a great piece.  I think we all could recognize a bobble worn by a crazy cousin on this. Dang, I wish it was not so expensive.

Oh my, how I wish I had $1500 for this series.  I just love the execution and simplicity.

Lastly, I would love to put these in front of my house with a crazy plant in the summer. I keep thinking about it. It would really disturb my children I think.  Do I dare?

Have a good week all.  Stop by your local gallery and see what they have.  Take some time to day dream.


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