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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lucy's Year long project-part 2 My Fabric Pallet

I am Obsessed! I attended a plant fiber dyeing class last May with my mother and dear friends; Laura and her mother Priscilla. Every six weeks or so we get together for “Mother/Daughter Art” (I will have to devote a post to that special endeavor) and explore different projects together. WELL…we did a weekend away at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, WI. We were immersed in the dyeing of cotton fabric and yarn. Now I can’t stop…. So here are just some of the results of my obsession.

This piece of fabric was ice dyed. You put ice in a bucket with your soda ash treated wet fabric, then the powder dye on top of the ice. Let melt for 24 hours- and rinse like crazy. To me it almost has a "painterly" effect.

What I LOVE about hand dyed fabric is the variation in texture and color.

I like to think this is my final pallet of fabric for my year long quilt project-BUT I figure I have a good 6 weeks of dying time (best to do it outside with the garden hose!) here in Chicago.
The women who inspire me: My Mom on the right and Priscilla on the left. They have created full lives with art and craft as a central theme. I am who I am today because of their love, direction, and always inspiring lives! (I think probably the DADS have played a part as well-good thing I have this blog for a WHOLE year!)

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  1. I agree, this dyeing stuff is addicting! Beautiful jce dye piece too.