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Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Break

Friday marked the last day of school for 2 weeks. It is a defiant perk as a teacher to get these 2 weeks off! I will be doing lots of family activities; traveling to Kentucky to be with our son James and his family, hosting a friend who use to live in Germany with us, hosting 2 different sisters and their families (one from Seattle and one from New Jersey) LOTS and LOTS of family time! One thing I do like to do over break is to catch-up with my reading. Here is a peak at what I am trying to complete over the next 2 weeks...

 This is a journal which was given to me by my friend Amy, who happens to be the author of the book below-which I just finished!
 This book was so wildly successful that she and the publisher created the journal so that others can document their lives. I am going to spend the time over break creating my "Encyclopedia of Me."
 I was given a gift certificate to a local book store by one of my students- this book spoke to me. My new moto for 2015 is, "Say YES to everything!" So I thought this memoir might be helpful...
 These are just a few of the magazines which have piled up this fall. I am determined to at least glance through them. Rip out articles I may read and then recycle the rest!

 I bought this novel back in the summer. One of the gals at the bookstore said it was one of her favorite books of all time. Hoping I can make a dent this holiday break. I always have the goal each winter break to spend one whole day reading in my pajamas...
A friend just gave me this book. I am hoping it will help me to let go of outcomes; "When and where  will my studio/gallery space happen/be? Will I continue to teach in the public school system? How can I make my mark in this world? What is the right thing to do?..." My anxious mind is constantly seeking answers that really aren't available right now! So one of my 2015 resolutions is to "Let go. Let the Universe provide."

                                                     Have a great week-

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