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Sunday, December 14, 2014

tis the season

At one point in my life I knew the history of the Christmas tree (Germany-maybe 1800s?), the pagan celebration of mid-winter, Chanukah celebrations, and of course after 12 years of Catholic school all of the pageantry of  Christmas. But working and trying to figure out all of the presents which need to be purchased and is now ALL about how much I can get done BEFORE Christmas! I am not proud of that, BUT it does seem to be my MO these days.

My husband and I did get to the Illumination light display at The Morton Arboretum this past week. We also visited his family in Michigan. So I am not a total Scrooge. I am trying to take sometime to enjoy the season....hope you are too!

                                     Spectacular lighting at the Arboretum.

                                                        My favorite shot....

 The stark landscape of Lake Michigan this time of year.
 The natural treasures we found on a walk in Michigan
The Greenbush Brewery all decked out for the holidays...
                                                                       Loving Bianca....

 I made my husband pull over so that I could get a pic of the street lights.

                                               I think it was worth it!

                I do like the yarn bomb banner all decked out in Holiday lights....

                         Here is to the season. Hope you are more relaxed than I am!

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