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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New Focus

HeARTfelt (prior to that name it was "The Creativity Shop") has been in my head for a good 4 years. I have been actively pursuing the idea for the last year and a half. I have researched on-line, read books, wrote business plans, created classes, held workshop events, hired a business consultant, created a web-site....are you sick of this list yet?! I AM! All of this thinking and planning has left me REALLY tired. When I analyze the process it hasn't been a bad journey, BUT is it getting me closer to my purpose in life? That purpose I believe is promoting and creating space where people can explore the creative process. What I have found is that by working on this purpose I have limited myself in my own creating....

I announced back in September that 2015 would be the year that my vision of a "Space to CREATE"/ my HeARTfelt vision would find a "Bricks and Mortar" place to exist. In my quest for sanity I am putting aside the working on trying to create my dream and I am going to start working on ART projects which speak to me. I am going to "SAY YES" to all art projects which come my way that will challenge and allow me to grow. Am I giving up on my dream to have a work place that supports my creative visions and promotes the creative process? NO. I am just NOT going to lament and stress about MY VISION. I am going to let go and remain open to what the Universe presents to me...

Let's see where 2015 takes me and my creative dreams...

A friend gave me this book - I read it on our way down to Kentucky to celebrate Christmas with our son, James and his family. We were very lucky to have all 3 children, our daughter-in-law, our grand baby and friends together and enjoyed a WONDERFUL holiday season!
 This is one of the chapter headings in the book. This is defiantly my  belief about art making/ creating!
 I did see a wonderful space in town...took the picture BUT haven't called on how much the rent actually is....

 These Anthropologie window display birds are my inspiration for my next public instillation.
     This is the very beginnings of my prototype.
 I am getting back to quilt making. I find such joy in working with fabric. I need to work on Joy EVERYDAY!
Most importantly in 2015 I want to say YES to family and friends. This picture was taken a year ago yesterday. Eileen represents my friends and my mother my family. Really life is about connections and starting with your family and friends is ALWAYS a good plan...

                         Happy NEW Year. Here is too much adventure and creative experiences for 2015!

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