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Sunday, January 25, 2015

I LOVE teaching workshops, but HATE schlepping

Yesterday my friend Reeny and I  presented a second class in our series, Yoga/Art and the Chakras. We offered it at 2 different local yoga studios. In the fall we focused on the lower Chakras, focusing on grounding and intention. Yesterday we worked with the heart and intuition Chakras.  It was a fun afternoon of yoga and art.

The workshop was well received. Participants commented on their hesitation before the art portion, but after they started playing with materials it became fun and they achieved more than they believed they were capable of...YAHOO! Just what I want to hear...

The hard part for me right now is the work involved in moving all of my art supplies to different locations to be able to teach workshops. Part of my reason for having a Bricks and Mortar home for HeARTfelt is to be able to hold classes and workshops in one place where I WOULDN'T have to schlep! My friend Mary, who was with us for the series, pointed out to me when I was lamenting this fact-"Maybe it is just part of your process." UGH- I HATE it when friends are right...(not really!) Maybe all of this schlepping helps me become more organized and streamlined in my presenting?! OR maybe I just need to work harder at figuring out a space to rent for my gallery/studio idea?

Either way I have to keep plugging along in my quest to bring the creative process to people who think they are NOT creative...

 Here are some of our supplies before we started. Thankfully, Reeny is super helpful and was willing to help me cover all of the tables and lay tarps!
 We had to bring in buckets of clean water and empty buckets to be able to take the dirty water out with us. HeARTfelt MUST have a large industrial sink!

Fun to have Buddha watching over us while we did yoga and created... 
 This yogi-artist went from sketch to wonderful representation of the upper Chakras.
 We started with rice paper and Sumi-E inks and brushes. Then added color using watercolor paints.
                                                     This is Mary and her finished piece.

                        Have a wonderful week! Here is to schlepping....

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