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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Yesterday was Halloween, not my favorite holiday-BUT certainly the 3rd graders I work with were excited about the day! We teachers TRY to get a bit of academics in before the Halloween parade and party, but it is OK if we don't-the kids are just TOO excited...

Now that our own children are grown and (almost all flown) the Halloween traditions have continued with my parents and my nieces and nephew. Everyone gathers for trick or treating, pizza eating and counting all the candy.

Traditions are important for marking the years. I have become a bit melancholy lately. I can't seem to figure out the next focus of my work life. Trying to grow HeART-Felt and working as an elementary teacher full time is exhausting. My days are filled from 8-5 with very little breaks trying to figure out what is best for 48 - 8 year olds. That demands all of my attention and then some. I am enjoying teaching the craft/art classes I have put out into the world this fall, BUT I have gotten very little response. So the business aspect of HeART-Felt isn't really happening. If you judge a business by making money-or even breaking even?! And that is the definition of a business right-to make money/a living...

So I am trying my best to relax and be open to the possibilities of what the future brings. Focusing on the traditions of the holiday season which we are about to enter-Thanksgiving and then Christmas-may help me to see where I need to go with HeART-Felt.

                                           Third graders and their "witch' in the back row.
My favorite Halloween book and our dog Purl dressed as a skunk.
My husband always has something new to add to the Halloween tradition. This year he found the wine and created "Fresh blood" (sprite and tart cherry juice) for the kids to drink.
My nieces counting their loot!
My adorable father with just a few of his grandchildren.

This Sunday (November 2) I will be teaching a fun paper class.
We will be collaging with pages from old books, creating motifs from colored papers and stitching on top of it all to create depth and interest.

Thanks for taking this journey with me!

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