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Sunday, November 16, 2014


Mid November, the holidays right around the corner and my art/craft home studio looks like a "bomb has gone off!" The HeARTfelt classes are great, BUT I have to "lug" all of my supplies to the classes because I don't have an public studio space. I am a pretty organized person, so gathering supplies and holding classes at other places is fine-BUT I never put things away-right away...So my studio space is a MESS!

This weekend I am determined to clean, organize and start my Christmas projects for my friends and family! HeARTfelt's classes did not go this weekend-SO I have plenty of time to get my STUFF cleaned-up. I have said it before...sometimes you just need to clean and get organized before you can produce/create...

My fabric table is always a mess. I am trying to get 2 quilts completed for Christmas gifts. I need to organize the fabric and get some of it on the design wall!

This is my cutting table....HUM not sure how I can cut ANYTHING when it is piled high with supplies?!

The corner where I create my paper and paint projects needs organizing....

I actually spent 2 solid hours in the studio cleaning things up....Then I went for a bike ride. Good thing because last night we were hit with snow. Not a lot, but enough that I don't think I will biking again until next spring!

Time to embrace the snow and cold....It maybe time to hibernate?!

Have a wonderful week.

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