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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The more I question-the more I know-I need to stay strong!

I was with a friend this past weekend talking about my struggles to get my HeARTfelt classes off the ground and profitable...I was telling her how anxious I am about the whole endeavor, and how I over analyze and question EVERYTHING....She replied with, "Don't we all do that?!" It made me stop and think. I am on the right track - I know I am!

That evening I led participants through the "Stitched Paper Collage." Throughout the evening I heard people say, " I never do this kind of thing. I just am not very creative!" NOT TRUE (as evident by the pictures below.) I also heard how relaxing the evening was. People lost track of time. They were getting, "lost in the process..."

Everyone should be "creating/making." When we humans take time to make/create with our hands, our regular stress-filled life is forgotten for the moment. If you don't want to take a HeARTfelt class, go find something else to CREATE! I guarantee you will feel better...

The start of the collage - the black and white background.

                                                                       Adding color

 Taking time to think about the next step.

                                                                         Adding texture with stitching.

                                           Finished products.....

 Taking a break from teaching classes this weekend. BUT HeARTfelt classes will be back on Nov 14 and Nov 16....sign-up at


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  1. Looks like the class was very successful, Lucy. Great job to you and the participants.