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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The adult summer slide...

We have all heard about the kids summer slide.  The months of TV, video games,staying up late, too much junk food etc, leading to the academic mud slide in September.  I am having the equivalent of one myself. Too much wine, staying up late watching all of those damn shows people are talking about, bad back (from said couch jockeying), too much junk food etc...What happened to me?  Okay life happens and throws us curve balls, how do we "stay right" or "get on track" or "pull our shit together"? I have to go back to the theme of the year and ACT (or like Lucy LEAP). Going back to things that have worked in the past I am going to start by:

1). Make a list of things I want to do this summer.   It is only July 6th for Pete Sake!
2). Spend more time in nature.  Beauty and scarcity is a creativity boost for me.
3). The Julia Cameron "Artist Date' still holds true.  Do one a week.
4). Drink less, sleep more, exercise...DUH
5). Be curious.  Ask more questions, LISTEN and shut the damn up about myself .
6). Embrace the days.  We are so lucky to have them.
7). Observe the everyday creativity and let yourself be inspired by it. (SEE BELOW).

I know this is a silly observation but I go into the bathroom at my local Mariano's grocery store to see the flower display.  I mentioned this once to the floral designer and she was so tickled that I had noticed and that it is a highlight of my trips to the grocery store.  Here are a few and then how I interpreted it at home.

My interpretation.  With Swiss Chard from the garden.

Hard to get out of slumps isn't it?


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