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Friday, July 25, 2014

Lucy's is 50!!!!

In honor of Lucy's Big Day, I wanted to share some thoughts and long ago photo's. I have not seen a few of these in a while..

                                             HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY!!!!!  

   Lucy is a special friend to me and many others.  She creates a bond with people that is heart felt and long lasting.  She stays in contact with people and makes a difference in her friends lives.  It is easy to say I wonder how so and so is doing and the other is to call them up and say I would like to drive 4 hours to meet you for lunch today because I want to catch up. She embraces on every level.  I am a better person because of the the way she lives her life and my involvement in it.

The 1980 original selfie:

When all we had to think about was summer fun

Jeff, a dear old friend in 1980

And now...

All that Tab and twizzlers...

Prom Picture Party 1982 (no parents were there and we still figured everything out...)

NewYork on our 40th

The last time I was in shape...

Lucy loves her man...

Hope we grow old together my BFF.

Time to head to you party!



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