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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Birthday

When I was a kid I always felt a bit disappointed that my birthday fell in the summer. During the school year your name was called over the PA and you got to bring in treats share with classmates. The teacher always made the day special. It was hard to have a summer birthday party because inevitably one of your friends would be on vacation when you held your party. My parents ALWAYS made birthdays special-we got to open presents at the breakfast table and then in the evening of your birthday you got to choose which restaurant our parents took JUST the birthday kid to! Not sure if their intent was to make the birthday child feel special-or it was a cost saving strategy. ( I have 4 siblings.) I suspect it was both.

Now that I am ALL grown-up (hardly!) I LOVE having a summer birthday. I have been so lucky in my 50 years to only have had to work on my birthday a couple of times...I love my special day. This birthday has been pretty much a WHOLE summer celebration. I am not stopping at our Michigan week long adventure. I have decided to throw a birthday party for myself (with the help of my husband and my kids.) My birthday falls on a Friday this year so even more reason to have a party right on the day. I have the invitations completed and just today I delivered all of them. That in itself was an adventure.....Take a look.
                              Here are the invites I created. I really only like handmade written cards.
This is my "around town bike" which I delivered all of the in town invites with.

                                                        Lovely summer flowers around town.

                     Our friend Carol's amazing gazebo which is best visited during a summer thunderstorm!
Love the red bench against the big white flowers....
                                                 Eileen's American flag she created with a neighbor's old fence.
                                                             After all of the invitations were delivered I even had time for my favorite form of summer exercise-laps at our public pool. There is nothing better than to have the sun beating down as I swim methodically and meditatively away. I think it might be my form of water yoga.

                                                            Here is to summer....Enjoy it!

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