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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The power of projects

I live my life from project to project. I wish I could say I live in the moment-like all of my years of yoga should have taught me. But my reality is a life of lists started each morning and crossed out through out the day. I do get things done!

Eileen and I always go back and forth on our art making adventures. She believes her focus is on the outcome of the piece she is working on and I always say for me it is about the journey along the way to the end of the project; process vs. product. I am starting to rethink my focus and maybe like "nature vs. nurture" "process vs. product" is so intertwined that you can't teases out which is more important.

The journey of my projects these last 6 weeks have been a backdrop to some very major events in life. Our son being very far away, holding our first grand child, the college graduation of our youngest child, and sadly the death of my father-in-law Dipper. The circle of life which 100 percent of us will face.

I started out our blog this year sharing my idea for my 50th year project. Life got in the way and the original project was put on hold for other projects. This past week I completed 2 big projects. Maybe the 50th year quilt project will go up on the design wall now?
Charity chair project complete-will be installed this week.

Last night a group of friends helped to install a "yarn bomb." I have been apart of 3 acts of knitting vandalism. All have the message "more art/less war."

My army husband REALLY gets into the "operation" of the installation.
 Here we are on the bike path the dead of night-9 PM. Some of us would rather be in bed!


This summer's project is to work hard to define a business plan and figure out financing for my "space to create" which I want to share with my community!
Much peace and joy to you all on this Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Lina discovered your art bomb and took a picture and posted it on facebook. Love it too!

  2. It was a fun time we could use a little needlepoint!