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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The artistry of jelly fish...

Jelly fish are breath taking.  These globs of loveliness dancing in the water.  The variety, colors and designs are truly amazing.  I was at the Shedd Aquarium's jelly fish exhibit last fall and was so inspired.  I did not know how to translate the beauty of sea creatures into art, they were already art to me.  Then this week I saw a video by the artist Sayuri and I thought EUREKA! That is how you do it! Wow.  She transported me right inside an aquarium.  So cool.

Here are my pictures from my day.

Now here is how Sayuri interpreted this.  Here is a video of an art installation at the Portland International  Airport.  Only 2 minutes but it will transport you to a different place and lower your blood pressure dramatically.

How do some artists do it?


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