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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Last week Chicago had its first subzero cold spell this year. I have lived here most of my almost 50 years-YIKES, that is half of a century....and it still catches me off guard how DAMN cold the wind chill below zero is! Not my husband. Whether it was my mother-in-law Betty's drill while he was growing up or his military training (Army ROTC and then 5 years of service) or just his type A personality. My husband is ALWAYS prepared no mater the circumstances!
Being married to an artist type must drive him CRAZY...I am almost never prepared- I "wing" ALOT! Lucy time is 10-15 minutes fashionable late, that is a mortal sin to a military man. "the invitation says 1830 (yes he still uses international/military time) not 1845!" And I leave "projects" all over the house...little piles of books, knitting, art projects which I start BUT then I get distracted and I "will finish it later!"
So on Wednesday evening of this past week when we explored the Morton Arboretum's "Illuminations-light display" I should have listened to my "always prepared" man. Before we left for the mile and a half outdoor walking experience-Billy announced- I am going to put on my long underwear for this adventure. I choose to just wear my long winter coat.  "That will surely be enough," I thought...
He was toasty warm through the night. I was not. HUM-when will I learn?
When arriving you are greeted by the traditional light displays. I do love when each branch is wrapped with lights!
Upon first entering the exhibit the ground is illuminated. You then take a hike around the lake and into the woods with a magical display all around you...
Through out the walk there are interactive laser light shows which allow you to control the illumination on the trees; you can sing to the trees and they change colors, wave your arms over sensors and the display across the lake will change...and my personal favorite....
hugging a tree changes the colors!
There were chandeliers hanging in the woods....felt like Harry Potter.
A lone tree.
 a magical evening
to remind me of the season!

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