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Sunday, December 1, 2013

How is it that I am so LUCKY?!

Thanksgiving for us was spent with all 3 grown children at our son and daughter-in-law's home at Ft Campbell, Kentucky. Amanda created a wonderful meal and an artful display for our Thanksgiving dinner. Most of the weekend was spent relaxing and enjoying being together.
the Thanksgiving table
Prepping for the meal...
The appetizer and dessert table
The night before we traveled my friend Michelle and I created the holiday window display for our local yarn store. We have been working on the knitted parts all fall-creating cupcakes, donuts, chocolate covered strawberries, ribbon candy and lollipops-all out of yarn! It was somewhat arduous and we had to call in a few crocheters (thanks Laura and friends) to work on the gumdrops-BUT we got the job done. What I am continually amazed at is how I am able to talk my friends and sometimes my family into helping me with my wacky projects. The things I come up with are never simple or quick to complete...yet I can always find a friend or 2 to help me create what is in my head....
Bare window-our blank canvas.
Backroom getting ready for the placement of our yarn creations.
my personal favorite -knit chocolate covered strawberries!
All come together for a fun, festive holiday window display! THANKS friends....

What I really should be asking is; How is it that I am so BLESSED?

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