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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It is all in the TIMING-

The Holidays bring bright lights, thoughts of fires in the fireplace, getting together with family and friends...and maybe the weather cooperates with fresh fallen snow. Just a few days ago I was able to have a morning walk and noticed how the natural world was filled with greys, browns, and white. A world of neutral. Snow had just fallen and the sky was overcast with no sun. It struck me that my view on the walk was quite wonderful and naturally beautiful. I found evergreens filled with snow, bushes that were dusted, and ice on the lake in town which all reads a WINTER WONDERLAND! But if these conditions were replicated in mid-February I might possibly be thinking-AHHH the DEAD of WINTER. So my take away from the walk was be in the moment. Life comes to us with much unexpected emotions. I want to experience ALL of the neutrals as well as the color...
                                         Evergreens are one of my favorite trees-especially in the winter!

I love the way the variations of brown poke through the snow.
Lake Ellyn is a landmark in our town.
 Eileen found this natural Christmas tree hidden off the beaten path.
A couple of years ago Eileen and I found a path off of the Prairie Path in between our homes. On our first winter walk we saw a mother and baby deer. We keep going back in the hopes we will see another such natural wonder.

The neutrals of winter are the best on the Christmas angles! (My niece Mahla.)
Enjoy the season...

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