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Monday, April 28, 2014

Chair Project

  Thought you might be interested in my progress on the charity project I was asked to work on. Last I wrote I was dyeing fabric and trying to figure out a design. All fabric has been dyed and now I am in the nitty-gritty of construction.

Here is the chair which Eileen and I found on one of our walks. I really thought I was going to have to buy a wing back chair for this project-but this is the one I found on the curb!

 Background fabric and the screen printed fabric I created at Lill Street which plays a significant part in this project.
Here is the applique process I use to tell a story in my quilts.

Stitching adds depth and texture to the piece.
Design on my basement floor.
 Knit birds will adorn the quilt covered chair-not sure about the nest though.

The Chair project is being put on hold while I go meet our grandbaby!

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