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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Who made this?

I love hand made things of all kinds.  I am especially drawn to those who are anonymous.  I collect outsider art.  Outsider Art is a broad term that refers to artists who are self taught and work without the influence of the main stream Art establishment. I have Art by known outsider artists but my favorite is the anonymous art I have collected along the way.  I love the attitude they represent.

Here is some of my favorite anonymous art.

I found this at the antique store on LaGrange IL.  Love that place.

I bought a dozen of the egg people at a garage sale.  Their grandfather use to make egg replicas of family members and these were their aunts and uncle who always brought food to parties.  Grandpa was an egg artist?  Really?  How could they ever give these up?  I cherish them!

This I just bought from the basement of an antique store in Berywn that is closing.  The owner was kind enough to lt me dig through the basement.  I think this is just stunning.  Cant believe it was in the basement unappreciated.  I saved it.

A hand made quilt wall hanging I bought from the Intuit Museum garage sale.  Who knew museums had garage sales?

Here are a few things I want but have not pulled the trigger...yet.

This is too expensive but I cant stop thinking about it. 

As my husband says, I have never met a box I haven't liked.

Happy Hunting this Spring.  Save some unappreciated anonymous art!


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