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Thursday, August 14, 2014

unexpected "wow"

This past weekend I was able to spend time at one of my favorite places. My parents rent a home in Egg Harbor, WI part of the Door County Peninsula. It is a treasured time for me to be with my parents, my siblings and nieces and nephews. Usually my husband and some of my own adult children are able to join me, BUT this year I was on my own.

On my way up, I always stop at the Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygen, WI. It is a wonderful museum which the Kohler corporation (Yep, the bathroom people) has supported for years. Usually I spend a couple of hours going through the exhibits and then spend sometime and money in the gift shop. This year I went through the exhibits, but instead of going to the gift shop I decided to spend my money on a membership.

Kohler has an artist-in-residency program which allows artists of all different backgrounds and mediums to spend 2-6 months with their artisans in the Kohler factory. The exhibit this year was 40 years of what the artist-in-residency program has produced. It was quite amazing!

The pictures I am going to show today are of the bathrooms at the Arts Center. I SO love this place...

                                                   The main floor's women's bathroom.
I know it is just a toilet, BUT really?!
This quote has been popping up in many places I have visited recently; "Whatever you can do or dream, you can achieve." HUM...
 Men's bathroom sink.
Sort of funny?

The Blue and white of this bathroom is lovely.
Amazing details...

Urinals are GROSS, but this one is pretty spectacular!

The smallest bathroom is the family bathroom.
I looked for any names from my family.
I found only my son James and granddaughter Audrey's names.
I miss them both!

Here is to amazing, surprising ART!


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