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Sunday, August 18, 2013

End of summer- Art Viewing and Art BUYING!

Almost all of my life (my parents started taking our family camping here when I was about 8) I have spent part of my summer in Door County, WI. (If I was really tech savy - I would have a link to a web site or a map...that will be for future posts-for now you have to BING it) It has been a part of my cyclical year which I LOVE. When I was young I would save my money all year to be able to shop at the touristy shops in all of the different towns. NOW I save my fun money to be able purchase art! Door County has an abundance of galleries and local artists.
For the past 25 years my parents have rented cottages on the Green Bay side of the peninsula. A rocky shore and right on the water. I start my day with my coffee and my journal listening to the water and enjoying the calm. This year there was all kinds of wild life; pelicans, geese, a loon, and of course sea gulls. I had a white tail fox visit me 2 mornings in a row! The time I spend there is filled with reading, visiting with my sisters, their children, my grown children and of course my parents. We are so very lucky to have this tradition-thanks Mom and Dad!
The art is another part of my Door County experience which I love....take a peek-
The sculpture garden at the Edgewood Gallery.

Part of the sculpture garden has ever changing art from the local rock supply.

This is for you Laura L.!

This was a ceramic piece which I wanted to buy...too big and the price tag to large...
This cute little counter top piggy is what I actually bought.
But my favorite part of time in Door County is collecting "Heart Rocks" along the shore. This year my nieces and nephews painted some of the rocks we found.

Another summer has ended-back to work school. Thank you creator for a wonderful yearly treat!


  1. The Fletcher family missed the Door Co. tradition this year, but loved the memories and pics from the blog. Especially hope the heart rocks will be Christmas presents this year!

  2. Love the fairy house/rock castle creation for me!