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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aiden's Birthday

Today is Aiden's 19th birthday.  He has always been naturally artistic.  I remember his pictures at age 2 and thinking whoa, this boy has some talent.  This has been on my kitchen wall for years.  This is one of my favorites and I really love the 17 year old chocolate milk stain.

He loved drawing, painting and photography at home but never really wanted to take classes no matter how much I begged.  A true outsider artist.  As he got older he became much more precise in his art, and also started playing the guitar.  He loved it.  He practiced everyday and I never had to ask him to.  It was a wonderful sound to hear.

As high school hit I really tried to get him to take an art class. ANY art class. Photography...NO....Ceramics...NO...Film...NO!!!   He focused on Math and Science and really found his calling.  He is leaving for college on Wednesday to study Physic's and I could not be prouder.  The next few days are going bitter sweet.  Last night I was reminiscing about the days he sat at the kitchen table playing with play do, make art or eating cheerios and this is what I found on the kitchen table this morning.

It is a painting inspired by his girlfriend Justine.  I love it.  I am sure he is going to put it on his dorm wall but I may beg for it to be left at home with me.  It may be his birthday but this was a present for me.

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