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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

signs of spring

Unfortunately, Chicago got hit with a snow storm on Monday, March these pictures are from a week prior to the snow! BUT hopefully that was it and we are now on our way to a real SPRING!

 Before my school/workday there was a Cardinal at our bird feeder. Thank you Billy, my wonderful husband, for keeping the bird feeders stocked!
 When I walked to school that same morning, this flower was captured in a bed of ice...
That same day on my walk home, the ice had melted and the flower and leaves were in a mucky puddle of old water!
On nice days over my lunch hour (which isn't really an hour) I like to take a walk to clear my head. Those are BUDS on the trees!
Kids riding bikes in spring jackets...definite sign of SPRING!

BUT the real signs of spring for me are the flowers that are peaking through...

                                Enjoy what spring you have....

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